Dieselhed band photo

Why a Dieselhed website? They’re one of my all-time favourite bands. In May 2023 I was able to register this domain which had recently came available. Previously, this domain showed endless links to teeth whitening products and I thought it was a waste. So I waited through a renewal or two before it looks like they gave up earlier this year. Time to pounce!

For reasons unknown, I’d remembered the address for the Brown Dragon-era Dieselhed website – it had ~tubesox in it – and surprisingly I found it works on the Wayback Machine. So too the original Dieselhed.com website from 1998-2001, or thereabouts.

I was able to retrieve a lot of information, reviews, photos and whatnot from these sites to revive the legacy of this magnificent band. There’s lots of old reviews and info available with a Google search, too, so I’ve taken the best bits of everywhere and put it together here.

Thank you.